We Have the SOLUTION…

We Have the SOLUTION…

NARGAN is an engineering, procurement, construction, and project management company with over four decades of experience in the design and development of industrial projects, particularly in the oil, gas and petrochemical fields. NARGAN Company was established in 1973 under the name of BORNAA Consulting Engineers.

NARGAN provides comprehensive services for the development of industrial projects, from the initial concept of feasibility studies to the provision of license and know-how, basic design, front-end and detail engineering, followed by procurement, supply services, field engineering, construction supervision and project management.

NARGAN’s scope of work in petrochemical industry covers a wide range, from Ethylene, polymer production and artificial rubbers, to Ethanolamine, Phthalic Anhydride, and chemical fertilizers. NARGAN has extensive experience in engineering and execution of Ethane recovery and fractionation plants in Iran. NARGAN has also been active in the design, procurement and construction of many Iranian oil refineries. Design and construction management of the biggest gas treatment facility in Iran, called KANGAN with the capacity of 125 MMNCMD is another of NARGAN’s achievements in the past four decades.

As a privately owned company, with over 1200 qualified technical and support personnel, specialized in the engineering, procurement and construction management/ supervision of advanced oil, gas and petrochemical projects, NARGAN has earned a reputation for high quality work, encompassing safe and on time delivery of more than 300 completed projects. NARGAN has made major contributions to the development of energy industries in Iran at various capacities of consultant and/or EPC Contractor during this period.





NARGAN Company as one of the pioneers of energy industries has always had an active and efficient part in various projects that have been performed in PSEEZ. Over 30 projects have already been engineered, constructed and managed by NARGAN in this zone, in the past 15 years (2000-2015), some of which are the largest in Iran, in this zone and even in some cases in the world.

Engineering design, procurement and material supply and construction management of the largest industrial projects of this zone such as:

  • 1,320,000 TPA Ethylene plant (10th Olefin Complex), as one of the largest olefin production complexes of the world
  • 77 MMSCMD Ethane recovery plant (9th Olefin Complex), together with 1,612,000 TPA of Ethane and 1,641,000 TPA of Propane and heavier products, which is the largest Ethane recovery plant in Iran
  • South Pars Phase 12, on-shore gas treatment facilities (EPC 3) with the capacity of 81 MMSCMD treated gas, 120,000 BPSD condensate and 750 TPD sulfur, as the largest industrial project of Iran

are among the most valuable achievements and experiences of NARGAN.

All the 100% capacity of the Ethylene production (i.e. 5,812,000 TPA) and more than 40% capacity of polyolefin (PE & PP) production (i.e. 900,000 TPA) in Assaluyeh is designed and performed by NARGAN Company. NARGAN has been active in the development of the South Pars Gas Field Development (the biggest gas field in the world) with the natural gas refining capacity of up to 281 MMSCMD and production of other related products.

Today, NARGAN Company is well known in the region as an important player in undertaking big EP/EPC projects, with more than 300 completed projects and with the work capacity of 2,000,000 Man-Hours per year. By continuous improvement of its methods and expanding its capabilities, NARGAN is aiming to mark its most powerful presence in the oil, gas and petrochemical market during its fifth decade of existence.