We Have the SOLUTION…

We Have the SOLUTION…

Nargan Management Company (NMC)

Generally, all Management Consultancy (MC) projects are handled by Nargan Management Company (NMC), with NARGAN support. But with increasing number of such projects, NMC is expanding rapidly on its way to becoming one of the leading Management Companies in Iran.

Presently following MC Projects are handled by NMC:

  • 300,000 TPA Ammonia & 1,000,000 TPA Methanol Integrated Plant (Assaluyeh)
  • South Gashoy Gas Field Development Project (Hormuzgan Province)
  • Khuzestan Production Units & Desalting Plants (23 Units)
  • Renovation & Expansion of Mahshahr Export Facilities Project
  • Mahshahr/Abadan Oil Product Transfer Pipeline & Pump Stations
  • Several Other Industrial Projects





energy development 

NARGAN AMITIS Energy Development Company 

Nargan Amitis Energy Development Company (NAED), formed jointly by Nargan and P.G. Amitis, acts as Nargan Upstream Engineering branch and delivers different services ranging from field desktop consultancy to field operational services.

The combined strength of organizational infrastructure and technical resources of NARGAN and Amitis, bring benefits to the NAED clients. NAED with its own visions and values works closely with NARGAN to deliver an integrated service to Oil and Gas Market.

NARGAN AMITIS Energy Development Company

The main areas of service in NAED compromise:

  • Field Development Studies
  • Production Technology
  • Geology, Geophysics and Geoscience (GGG)
  • Reservoir Engineering (including Analytical Services)
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Drilling, Well, and Completion Engineering
  • Flow and Operational Assurance
  • Surface Upstream
  • Special and Solution-Based Services
  • Upstream Procurement and Supply