We Have the SOLUTION…

We Have the SOLUTION…




NARGAN has been equipped with a standard multilayer CAN that provides enterprise level services. Network resources can be accessed locally and worldwide through high speed dedicated Internet connections. Mutual data transfer with joints in projects will be feasible via radio links if required.

Data has been secured by a multilayer architecture. Network edge has been armed by high-end industry leading devices. Access to internal resources is protected by secure protocols and not viewable to outside people. All standard methods, proposed in best practices, have been implemented to protect NARGAN’s information asset.


General IT Services like email & file service -local and global, Internet access, office apps, video conference and web meeting, CAD, print & plot and 2D & 3D modeling have been implemented and ready to be used by users. Furthermore, in house developed applications have been developed and launched to ease doing job for engineering and project teams.


NARGAN’s PCIM –a well-known web application- has been developed to support easy collaboration between all project bodies- Clients, Managing Contractors (MC), contractors and vendors- via EDMS. It prepares a secure way to store, share and transfer of files and documents among all project bodies based on pre-defined collaboration matrix with transmittals.